Chez Moi Bar & Grill

A La Carte

Bread & Nibbles

All served with Focaccia bread

Olives £3.95

Exra virgin olive oil £2.60

Soft Goat's cheese £4.95

Garlic bread plain £4.95

Garlic bread pizza £6.95

Garlic bread with cheese £5.95

Garlic pizza with cheese £7.95

Garlic bread with tomato £6.95

Garlic & tomato pizza £7.95

Garlic pizza, rocket & Parmesan £7.95

Side Dishes

Onion rings £3.95

Potato wedges £3.95

Coleslaw £2.95

Chips £2.95

Tomato & basil salad £3.95

Mixed salad £3.95

New Potatoes£2.95

Rocket & Parmesan £4.95

Sweet potato fries £4.95

Moules & Frites

Starter £7.95-Main Course £12.95

Moules Mariniere 

Mussels with shallots, celery, white wine & garlic 

Moules Bleu

Mussels with Roquefort cheese

Moules Moutarde

Mussels with a cream & Dijon mustard sauce

Moules Provencale

Mussels with garlic, tomato & basil


Starter £7.95-Main Course £10.95

Avocado salad

Avocado, vine tomatoes, goat's cheese & pine kernels with balsamic vinegar


Buffalo Mozzarella, avocado, tomato, basil & olive oil

Chicken & Halloumi

Grilled chicken, Halloumi cheese, roasted peppers, red onions & Greek yogurt

Tuna Nicoise 

Tuna, new potatoes, french beans, little gem,  

anchovies & olives

Chicken Caesar

Chicken Caesar, cos leaves, croutons and Caesar dressing


Risotto Vegetariana £8.95

Arborio risotto, with mushrooms, white wine, oregano & Marscepone cheese

Spinach and Artichoke Risotto £9.95

Risotto, artichokes, spinach & peas

Risotto Frutti di Mare £10.95

Seafood risotto with chilli & basil

Risotto Pollo E Funghi £9.95

Chicken risotto with wild mushrooms 

Potato wedges