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Chez Moi Specialsher's Day Menu

2 Courses £9.95, 3 courses £11.95

Half carafe of wine £7.95

Bottle of Prosecco £13.95


1. Potage du Jour

Homemade soup of the day

2. Champignons au Fromage

Garlic mushrooms with Gruyere cheese

3. Pate au Foie de Poulet

Chicken liver pate

4. Crevettes du Chef

King prawns with garlic, parsley & white wine

5. Calamari

Deep-fried calamari with Tartare sauce

6. Cocktail aux Crevettes

Prawn Cocktail

Plats Principaux

1. Roast of the Day

Please ask for details

2. Filet de Saumon Poche

Fillet of poached salmon with prawns & leeks

3. Cotelettes de l'Agneau

Minted lamb chops with pea puree

4. Poulet aux Champignons

Pan-fried chicken with white wine , mushrooms & tarragon

5. Romsteck du Boeuf (£6.00 extra)

10 oz Rump steak with Roquefort butter sauce

6. Poisson et Frites

Fish & chips with tartare sauce